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Creative Creator

CreatorGod is amazing, with an amazing imagination.
I love reading and I love it when an author creates a whole world, like Middle Earth or Narnia. The imagination it must take is incredible. So what does it take to imagine a whole universe and then, not just write about it, but actually make it exist. WOW!
CreatedIf God is the creator, we are the created, made by Him. And He knows us inside out because we are special to Him.
Have you made anything special? A picture or painting, maybe a pot made of clay or something with Lego. You want to keep your special thing safe and make sure it doesn't get broken. God wants us to be safe and doesn't want us hurt or broken.
CreativeWe have a gift from God and that is creativity. We are made to make things. I find that wonderful and I love to express my creative side.
I like to hand sew decorations and accessories. What is your favourite way to create? 
I have listed quite a few in the chart but I know that you'll have loads more creative acti…
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What's in a name?

Colouring Sheet
Why does Jesus have lots of names?The colouring sheet shows just a few of the names Jesus is known as. There are lots of names in the bible that are given to God or Jesus. Why? What is wrong with just having one name?
Well, think about yourself. You might think you only have one name but actually you will have more than you realise.  Are you a son or daughter?  Or a husband or wife or partner?  Maybe you use a slightly different name at work than you do at home? Do your friends have a nickname for you?  These names tell us something about you and Jesus and God's names tell us about them.
How do we use these names?Some of the bible names are only used once or twice, some are used repeatedly. The story you find them in will help explain why the name was used and that can help us realise when we should use them.
An example would be to use Bread of Life during communion as this helps us to think about the name and the service.
I find it helpful to think about the names when I am…

Praise today

What is Praise?
The Oxford dictionary tell us that praise is expressing approval for someone or something or showing respect and gratitude, particularly towards God. Other words that can mean the same (synonyms) are worship, glory, exalt, honour.
We tell children 'well done' when we are pleased with them. 
We praise God because of who He is and what He has done. 
How do we praise?
We use songs and hymns in church to help us praise. Whilst we aren't at church there are loads of resources online, particularly YouTube.
🎜🎜🎝🎜🎜 These songs are good to remind us of all the amazing things God has done and who He is. King of Kings, Faithful One, Almighty, Saviour, and so many other names. Many people find this the easiest way to express these ideas. 
But we don't have to sing to praise! Maybe you are artistic and creative.

The first picture was made at church in our Sunday school, Sunday Jam, and is a picture of the Garden of Eden and talks about God the creator. The second picture i…